A Strange Day

Perhaps this is not the perfect time to be starting a blog. Many questions running around in my head about direction of life, the church, and such.

I have been looking for a pastorate for several months, and have been discouraged by the conversations that I have had. George Barna says that his research has found that 86% of our churches are in decline! And this is something that has been evident to me after conversations with churches who have no goals, direction, or purpose and who simply want a pastor to keep them comfortable. Sounds like what we tell terminal patients: “all we can do is help keep him comfortable.”

Well, I refuse to be a hospice pastor, that is a pastor whose only task is to oversee the death of a church.

But where does that leave me? Do I hide out and hold back in effort to become a pastor of a dying/declining church so that I can help infuse some vitality? Do I simply launch out and try to build a congregation from scratch in hopes of building a different footprint on which to errect a completely different structure?


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