Recession… Recovery?

The longer the recession lasts (or are we calling it a depression now) the more people are writing about it being something that we do not want to have a “back to the future” experience with.  I mean there have been so many things that have become so toxic within our society to really want to even dream about returning to.

Take the concept of “no-money-down.”  What a wonderful concept!  And on the surface this is what the American dream should all be about.  I can get eveything I could ever want and not even have to worry about paying for it until 2012.  But the problem results when it is now 2012 (before 12-21 for all you Incans out there) and now I have no money to pay for it.  I did not plan ahead and now not only do I have to pay for the couch, chairs, loveseat, entertainment center, floor, windows, and garage door, I also have to pay for everything else that I have in the past 4 years!  Where did the American dream go, now?

To be frank, we have lost sight of the American dream while we have been running after it.  There has been decay all around us, and much like the Israelites in the time of Nehemiah we have gotten used to the smell. 

We need to start building again.  We need to get about doing the Great Work… and to do it so passionately that with Nehemiah we can say that we cannot come down.

But this work is not about making the money and paying the bills.  This work is about remembering what is important.  It is building memories with family.  Taking time to share love with those around us.  Looking for the needs of others and finding any opportunity (time and money) to fill those needs as we are able.

The option is swiftly becoming an new commission, a new obligation.  Perhaps it is a renewed commission… a commission that was once called the “great.”


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