New Day, New Church

Seems that these days many church leaders are talking about what needs to be different in church leadership.  Dallas Willard, in his book The Divine Conspiracy commented that the church of today is designed to produce the exact result that we are seeing.  And according to the Barna Group that result is a 86% failure rate.

In a recent blog posting by Tim Stevens, the executive pastor at Granger Community Church in Granger, IN, commented about this issue.  He shared high points of a conversation with Shannon O’Dell of Brand New Church in rural Arkansas.  Here are the points that caught my attention:

  • The greatest hurdle in reaching the lost is those already saved.
  • A church is not a democracy. It is a theocracy. If your church is set up as a democracy, it is unbiblical.
  • When you get to be a church of our size, the only thing that can split your church is staff. That’s why we quickly get rid of dissatisfied or disloyal staff.
  • I don’t think the office of pastor is even biblical. The word is only used once in the New Testament and it is a spiritual gift, not a position.
  • When people are giving or serving–they are more like God at that moment than any other time in their life. So we encourage people to give and serve. We do people a disservice if we train people theology who aren’t serving.

Tough to swallow, but I can certainly see that these thoughts come from the heart of church leaders who hope to take the church in a direction away from business-as-usual and to a world-changing force!


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2 responses to “New Day, New Church

  • Philip Edwards

    I enjoyed your writing.
    The below is simple and maybe something to think about?


    Phil Edwards (

    In the book called Matthew: Chapter 26 – Verse 28 is this sentence. “This is my blood of the covenant, which is freely given for the forgiveness of sins.”

    The history of all religion is a record of blood and fear and warfare and horror and rule. Men and Women are damned? Is formal religion a creation of all thngs dead?

    Peace, Love and Understanding

  • lunchboxsw

    Most definitely something to chew on. Thanks for your reply and encouragement!

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