New Priority!

Believe it or not, with the changes in the fiscal environment, people are changing their perspectives on money, work, and family.

I recently read an article about a hospital whose CEO, having taken time to observe the daily activity in the facility, decided that the lower paid employees were essential to daily operations.  The people who pushed wheelchairs, cleaned-up after patients, and food service people were who helped the doctors and nurses focus on their tasks, but also gave a smiling face to help to expedite the progress of healing.  In a meeting with the medical staff, he stepped out on a limb and asserted that these people’s jobs needed to be protected and that to do so the medical staff would have to accept cuts in pay and benefits.  The room EXPLODED in cheers and applause!!!

Recently I spoke to a woman in a prominant technology company who asked to take a demotion, not only to protect other people in her company, but also because she realized that she was spending so much time at work that she was missing what was truely important: the growth and development of her children.


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