Hello, Mudda

I has been just under a week with our new dog. Our friends Denise and Patrick came to our house yesterday night and when they came in the door I was holding Whimsy (the new dog). Monday (the dog we adopted last year) was off to the side, being held from running out the door by Hidi. Denise looked a her and said, “Hi, Monday.”

So any question about how similar the dogs are can be confirmed in that one statement.

It has been an experience. Whimsy had surgery just before we brought her home and so she has had a cone on her head, and has yet to figure out that she has to have a wider opening to move through and she still does not understand that she cannot scratch her face when it is itchy. When she is happy the whole latter half of her body wags.

Monday and I are both just sitting back and waiting until she gets to have the cone off and see if she will calm down a bit. Monday is so mild-mannered she is not especially proud of her new sister. Hidi said that Monday could be royality, that her disposition is quite felicitous for the king’s court. Step aside all you Egyptian cats, Monday has you beat!

Well, that’s the big news for now. See you all later in the blogosphere!


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