Resurrection Nonsense?

A recent survey (via Neue) says that at least 4 of 10 non-believing Australians believe that Jesus rose from the dead.

Could this be a terrible thing?  Perhaps if more and more people feel that they can believe that miracle but do not think it has influence on their lives, then our world is worse off than we think.

Yet, could this be an incredible open door for the gospel?  There have been more and more people writing about how more and more Americans are choosing not to identify as Christian.  In fact I recently read that the New England area has taken the lead for being the most non-Christian area of the country, previously being held by the Seattle area (could Mark Driscoll really be that influential??). 

In working with addicts and alcoholics over the past several years, I have been rubbing elbows with some interesting people.  Many conversations have centered around spirituality, and surprisingly found that may had their doors open not only to discussing spiritual issues, but also to seeing that the church had answers that they were looking for.

It is time to raise the standard and boldly engage conversation with people whose hearts are being softened to the love of Christ.


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