My Part of the Wall

I titled my blog “A Great Work” perhaps hopefully and perhaps prematurely.  About a month ago, this became my earnest prayer.  When I say earnest it was in a relaxed and selfish way.  I wanted to hear the answers that I wanted to hear, not looking for the answers God wanted to give.

“A Great Work” refers to the story of Nehemiah.  At the beginning of his book we see him weeping because he heard that the walls of the holy city of Jerusalem were in shambles.  He felt the earnest desire to go and see that they were rebuilt, not in order to get God’s approval, but more as a monument to the God that Israel worships.

This was a big job, a great work.  Nehemiah said as much when he was up on the wall himself, building, and was ridiculed numerous times by people from other cities and countries in the region.  In reply he said so simply yet so profoundly, “I am doing a great work and cannot come down.”

What does this have to do with me?  Well, there is a work to be done.  Just as each person on the wall, including Nehemiah himself, I have been called to strategically work on my part of the wall.

As I am still seeking what I believe is God’s calling to full-time church ministry, I have also been recently convicted about building my part of the wall here and now.  I believe that God has taken me on the journey that I call my life for His glory and for his ultimate purpose.  I have completed my education and experience in counseling, and specifically in addiction counseling, to do something with it.  It is time for next steps and I am starting to make out those steps in the darkness that is the new dawn of my future.

Here is where you come in.   I need your support and encouragement to build my ambition to do what God may be wanting to use me for in this time.  While I have other plans, God still is asking for me to step into His will and serve Him.

Please share with me your thoughts and ideas.  Leave them as comments here, text me, call me, email me, whatever you are comfortable with.  I am not desperate for attention, but I am desperate to serve my God.

Thank you in advance.


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