Jesus Was Talking to Us…

…when he faced the Pharisees. Several months ago I spoke on that particular point. It is interesting to me that the only people that Jesus addresses with the word “hypocrite” were those in religious authority.

It is no coincidence that most of the world, and this includes many people within our own ranks, consider the word “Christian” to be synonymous with hypocrisy.   In a survey published in UnChristian, 84% said that they knew a Christian personally and only 15% said that they saw lifestyle differences among those Christians.

Could it be that Jesus is saying all the same things to us that he said to the Pharisees and teachers of the Law?  Could it be that we have become the people who are so much more concerned about the cleanliness of our outsides while the inside of our cups are molding and putrid?

Perhaps it is time to take a look at ourselves and find ways to become more open and honest about our lives.  It is not enough to suggest that Christans “are not perfect, just saved.”  True community and genuine relationship requires us to present ourselves as people who struggle.  Not that we have to air all our dirty laundry, but we do need to remind people that our clothes do get dirty and that perhaps there is a way to wash them.

Take some time to share some thoughts on what that means in your life and church.


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