Intense… Typical?

Ran across this blog post today.  Quite a controversial and intense perspective.  I wonder how many people would happen upon this type of writing and find it validating and freeing advice.

How does it hit you ?


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2 responses to “Intense… Typical?

  • Tiffany

    Wow!! I ran through a million different thoughts and feelings while reading the blog. I also checked out a few of his other ones. I was shocked and dismayed by some of it and completely agreed with other parts. How sad that his experience with church left him bitter & jaded toward organized religion. I wonder how his life would be different if he had tried different churches rather than giving up on them all together. I think his blog could be a really good discussion piece.

  • Aaron

    Agreed! Great discussion!

    Not only do I think that this post characterizes what many feel about church (and notice I say “church” and not “Jesus”), including myself at one time in my life. Around my second year of college I began to feel quite hurt and betrayed by my church because in taking Bible classes I found out that I was not taught half of what the Bible was really about. There was definitely a time where I gave up on church, at least inwardly, and really began to focus on what faith really was all about and more of what Jesus is all about.

    I love that in this post the author advises people to read the whole Bible, to really get to know Jesus, and to treat Christians with compassion… and the way he uses that word implies pity to me. Seems that he is wise enough to see that it is not Jesus that let him down, but the church!

    Oh, I could keep going… any other thoughts anyone?

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