Radical ‘Evangelism’: Ministry of Listening

Let’s say a friend of yours is an atheist.  “Wow,” you say to yourself.  “How intimidating!  How can I possibly think that he will listen to any thing I have to say?”

Do you see the problem?  The first thought that we so often have is about what we will say. But what if the emphasis were on what the other person has to say?  What are our fears if the other person were to make some sense?

As Christians, Christ did not call us to be experts on everything spiritual.  But we are to have an answer for why we believe what we believe.  Jesus also did not mean that the only way to find truth was through him, but rather that he was the embodiment of all truth.  Perhaps the atheist has some truth to share, and that truth may challenge our views of the world.

I firmly believe that the spirit of God proceeds our conversations.  Take the story of Cornelius in Acts Chapter 10.  God was speaking to him and actually used him before he became a Christian to teach Paul a vital lesson on the establishment of Christianity as an invitation to outsiders.

Take time to hear another person’s story.  Glean from the wisdom of someone else, even though they may be of another faith.  In opening to a relationship with mutual respect we may all be more able to hear the truth that God is speaking into our lives.

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Aaron is a counselor and student of the Bible, passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. He lives in central Indiana with his wife, one-year-old son and their two dogs. View all posts by Aaron Gardner

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