Radical Evangelism: Relationship ≠ Mission Project


In a previous post I talked about being tools used by God for divine purpose.  Our job is not to change people but to be available and to form relationship through which change can happen.

Somehow we have predicated the idea that if we are to be good Christians we should only really spend time with other Christians, for fear that we will be corrupted and led back to “the dark side.”  But if we look at the life of Jesus, he was often seen with sinners and did little more than have fun, random healing, and forgiveness.  He did not see his relationships as a mission project.  Instead, Jesus knew that relationship as a goal in and of itself is the seed of a changed heart.  So he left the “agenda” at the door, kicked back and had some fun.

If we are boldly living a Christian life and we rub enough shoulders with outsiders, won’t some of that rub off on them?  If we are salt and light will not our taste be different and our brightness evident enough to encourage conversation about that difference?  If it is “not I but Christ who lives in me,” then a relationship with me as a disciple of Christ is a relationship with Christ himself.  Without saying a word, it should be obvious to anyone whose we are.

Without saying a word about my faith, I cannot count the number of times that I have heard the comment, “You are so different.  What is that all about?”

That is the opening… that is the door to the conversation.  So the next question is how to have it… stay tuned.

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