Missing Link Found

Ida-the-missing-link-prim-001Named “Ida” by the scientists that have studied her in secret for the past 2 years, this fossil is being hailed as the long-sought-for “missing link” connecting the evolutionary chain from humankind to other primates.  It is the most complete fossil ever found being 95% complete.  The fossil is said to even have indications of hair and the remnents of the animal’s last meal.

What does this say about the age-old debate between evolution and creation?  Of course the implied question is does it say anything? 

Oddly enough there are a growing number of Christians that believe that the creation story in the opening chapters of Genesis is more of a poem and not meant to be read literally.  Additionally these also believe that God may have set to motion the beginnings of the world and could have had a direct hand in the nurturing of higher forms of life. 

Where do you stand in light of this “evidence”?

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3 responses to “Missing Link Found

  • Drew

    It never should have been hailed as “the” missing link, because the very concept is evolutionarily incoherent. But the media seems to love the term, so, sigh.

    What this is is one of the most complete early primate fossils ever found, and one which looks to be a treasure trove of new information about the particular arrangement of primate ancestry. But calling it “our” common ancestor and stuff like that is premature hype. And the evidence for common descent was already sound: this fleshes out a particular part of the specific picture, but it’s nothing more than yet another fossil that matches and re-affirms the overall picture in terms of evolution as a whole.

  • Aaron

    Agreed… looks like a great specimen, but to my untrained eye it looks just like a lemur or something similar. I was suprised at how small it is, but as they say: size isn’t everything 🙂

    It does look like it has “thumbs” but they are on the lower feet and not on the “hands”… at least not as distinctively.

    I will be interested to see what the significance continues to be after the buzz dies down.

  • Tiffany

    I’m no scientist, but it just looks like another fossil to me too. I just don’t understand how the fact that it has nails & thumbs means anything. I’ve been to the zoo… the various monkeys there seem to have them as well. Ida also has a tail as long as her body… last I checked, I don’t. So, it’s a really cool fossil that will tell the scientists whatever it is they want it to tell them. There is really no such thing as unbiased scientific discovery. It will be examined through the filter of that particular scientists beliefs & assumptions. Hopefully it will tell them more about what the planet was like and how the animals lived, but people are crazy if they think this one discovery is going to convince everyone to believe in evolution.

    I do have two questions… do those who support the God driven evolution also support Sunday as the day of rest? Also, if God did not create man and breathe life (read soul) into him, but he instead evolved from apes, does that mean all creatures have an eternal soul? Or does nothing? Or does the eternal soul only come into play for Christians and everything and everyone else simply ends?

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