Culture Conversations: Shaping Culture

26668817Jesus gave us a distinctive contrast against the religious leaders of his day.  These leaders were very focused on right action and many so much so that they chose to move into isolation from society to keep themselves from being corrupted by the culture and the world where they lived.

Isolation has often reminded me of the policies of the United States in the late 1930s.  Before the bombing of Pearl Harbor the administration of then president Franklin D. Roosevelt was to stay out of the war because it was Europe’s problem and we had enough problems of our own with the Great Depression.

He was right: we did have our fair share of problems.  But that decision doomed so many innocent people to death in Nazi concentration camps.  Yet a tiny bit of yeast can make dough rise, but it has to get gooey and sticky to make a difference.  There has to be real connection and interaction to have an impact. 

Let’s create a place that is safe and where we can find sustance, a great storehouse of food.  However, no one lives in the grocery store.  Take what you need and then take more to share with a world that hungers for something that they have forgotten the taste of.

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