Book Review: UnChristian

It doesn’t take much time to realize that the church is losing market share in cultural influence.  I am not sure that this ever was a “Christian nation” by any working definition out there, but the church has definitely been more of a part of shaping our world than it is now.

It may be startling to know that many people outside the church are less and less receptive to the things that Christians say about faith.  I remember a time not too long ago when most people at least knew the basic stories of the Bible, but many today cannot even say with confidence that the believe the Bible to be true.

3D_unchristian_coverWe have our work cut out for us.  It is so important to begin to learn about where people are on their faith journey, both individually and collectively.

UnChristian can begin to help us understand what is happening in our culture and what people are adopting as their perceptions of Christianity and why. With well-researched information from the team and Barna Group, the book brings together perceptions of people outside Christianity and begins to make suggestions about what may be contributing to the image problem of the church.

Take this information to heart and use it to give yourself new understanding and compassion for those who are not part of the church. Within the pages of UnChristian you will read about some of the pain and genuine frustration that many have who have formerly been part of the church but left after being hurt and abandoned.

My only caution is don’t stop with the book. Talk to people and build relationships with people that you know who are not a part. Find out what their stories are and what they are aching from. Discover where they are on their journey of faith by open and honest discussion. Then join them in their journey and be patiently willing to encourage them to take the next step.


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