Sign of the Times

2539310275_0cce420092_oSeems the “fail whale” is showing his face more and more often these days.  This is a graphic that you get on Twitter when the site traffic has reached capacity.

As a sign of the times, Twitter appears to be getting more and more traffic.  More and more traffic means more and more opportunity for influence.  If you are a person who cares about making an impact on your world this may be an opportunity that you may not want to pass up.  I was quite skeptical about it myself, and there are definitely those people who only use it to tell you about what they ate for breakfast and what TV shows they are watching, but many others are using it to share about what is happening in the world, sending messages of encouragement, and sharing about the lessons that life is teaching them.

As with any new “social media” the best way to learn about it is to sign up and try it out.  Commonly called “lurkers,” people will often begin to use a service simply by signing up and then sitting back and watching.  Twitter is easy to do that with because you are able to “follow” (read the messages of) someone else without their permission.  This means you can follow as many people as you like and see how they use Twitter to communicate.

One recent trend is that people are tweeting their pastors sermons, often with their pastor’s permission and encouragement.  I have done this and also do it with podcasts I listen to from Erwin McManus, Rob Bell, and Andy Stanley.  It is a fun, quick and easy way to not only share about what is happening in worship, but also to keep good notes that you can access later instead of accidently using for disposing of chewing gum.

So get started by signing up.  You are more than welcome to follow me (link on the left) and check out who I follow to give you an idea of where to start.  Then kick back and see what happens.  Happy Tweeting!

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