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On fostering cooperative relationships in ministry.

I grew up on a farm.  Okay, not really a farm, but I have spent some quality time with chickens, turkeys, quail, and horses.  While I have not had the task of breaking a horse fall to me, I have witnessed it and can tell you it can be quite an arduous task. 

Breaking a horse is when you prepare the horse to become willing to allow a person to ride.  Horses tend to struggle against this and it often takes days. 

Monty Roberts was a young man and got the idea that it could be easier than this.  He began working with horses and started to notice patterns in the way that they behaved and reacted to different situations.  Gradually he was able to learn to “have a conversation” with the horse.  This conversation helped the horse to understand that he wanted to develop a partnership with the animal and that they could work together in that relationship.

This video is a bit long, but is a taste of how Monty is able to begin that conversation. 

Let’s take this principle and apply it to ministry and evangelism.  Is it not fair to say that there is some fundamental desire that we all have in common as humans?  Perhaps for some that desire needs to be awakened, but I firmly believe that the choices we make in life are based on some of those fundamental longings.  We long to be connected.  We long to be loved.  We long to have meaning. 

As Monty has his “conversations” with horses, we also can have conversations with one another with those basic assumptions in mind.  In that perspective there are no magic bullets.  There are no experts because we are journeying together.  There is no map but we are all traveling toward the same destination. 

If we can tap into the greatest common denominators that we all share as humans, can we not also then find the courage to take that journey together, in spite of our differences?

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