Forget Hawaii… Ohio or Bust!


While it may sound like someone has eaten pizza way to late at night, this was at least the sentiment of a native Hawaiian woman I had the chance opportunity to speak to during a luau on Oahu a few years ago.  With the increases in the cost of real estate, even people with professional jobs have to do things like tend bar to make enough to afford the state’s standard of living.  “There are no opportunities here, and I want more for my kids,” she said.

Then she told me about this amazing place that her family visited the previous summer.  She described it as a magical place where you could just get in the car and keep on driving for hours in the same direction and still have more to see.  The name of this fantasy land: Ohio.

Someone wise once said, “Beauty is in the eye of a beholder, with a return ticket.”

Some friends have lived in Hawaii for three years now.  Oddly enough they are natives of Ohio, and are thrilled that they are going to be moving back to the continental United States in less than 30 days.  Did you know that there are interstate highways on Oahu?  I wonder when they plan to actually build those highways to another state (or at least to another island).  Hawaii is a beautiful place with amazing animals, plants, and landscape.  But the magic of the island fades without the protective magic of the ticket home.


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