Apology and Direction


Well, I need to take my own advice and listen.

It would certainly be an issue if I would continue to write as I have been and ignore the honest and open feedback that I have been getting.  If I am to be true to the sentiments that I have been expressing in regard to genuine relationship for its own sake and tempering our message so it can be heard, welcomed, and understood (whether or not it is fully accepted) I need to take some steps back.

Thank you to all of you who have shared your thoughts either by email, comments on posts, or in person.  Please continue to hold me accountable for my own message and delivery.  I am also in this process that I am writing about.  Believe me when I say that what I have been writing has been challenging to me as I do so.

New Leaf

As I begin to regroup, I want to refocus my attention to the task for which I believe that I have been prepared over the last several years of work, conversation, and education.  In working with a number of various people who all have come under the grips of addiction, I have had the honor, pleasure, and often challenge of having conversations with people from many backgrounds and perspectives on faith, religion and spirituality.  It is these experiences as well as my expertise and education in counseling from which I draw my insights and encouragements.

The task at hand is finding ways for the church to retake the position it once held as positively influential in our world.  It is also through my education in Bible and Christian Ministry and experience as a life-long Christian that I speak about how those dearly held truths are relevant to our world today.  It is the methods that have broken down and become ineffective.

I pray that my writing and our conversation on these virtual pages can be both challenging and encouraging as we take this journey together.  Continue to send and offer feedback and thoughts openly so that we can continue to become more effective “little-Christs” in our culture today.

Grace and Peace to you.

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