Recipe for Influence


Continued discussion on Evangelism in Genuine Relationship

A evangelistic heart is a heart that desires influence.  As in a relationship with a mentor or challenging friend, we want to spend time developing relationships with people both inside and outside our faith circle to help build and shape our influence.  I don’t know about you, but I choose the company I keep at least in part based on the influence that I can have and receive from the other person.  The best relationships are those where both parties have an almost equal share of influence over one another.

When it comes to sharing our Christian witness, there are certainly factors that shape the possible influence we have in a genuine relationship with an outsider.

Over the next several posts (likely interlaced with other comments) I hope to adequately explore these concepts in light of creating genuine and authentic relationship.  I also hope to show how these factors that bring and enhance influence are really dependent upon time, honesty, openness, and real relationship rather than a brief interaction or superficial engagement for an underlying purpose.

As always I welcome your comments and critique in this process.  Working together can strengthen the conversation.

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