Silent Words

8080897Cell phones are wonderful inventions.  There are so many times when I am in a store with my wife and we get separated that I just get her on speed dial and she talks me through the racks of clothes to her location.

But something has been lost with the ubiquitous mobile phone.  We are missing the language of silence.  Have you ever sat with someone in silence on the phone?  I have and the only thing I can think is “are they still there?”  Sitting in a room with someone who is in pain in total and complete silence can be more meaningful than anything that can ever be said. 

I challenge you to find ways to once again become fluent in the language of silence.

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About Aaron Gardner

Aaron is a counselor and student of the Bible, passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. He lives in central Indiana with his wife, one-year-old son and their two dogs. View all posts by Aaron Gardner

2 responses to “Silent Words

  • carlos

    Cell is great for finding the wife in the department store. Other than that and emergencies I don’t like them very much.

  • Hoof2

    Excellent point. It’s amazing how technology provides such great tools for maintaining communication with others, and at the same time, disguise itself as the face-to-face relationships we long for. It takes discipline to find balance between the two!

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