Liberty University and the Partisan Play


In light of the controversial decision to stop recognizing the college Democrats group on the campus of Liberty University, Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. announced on Monday that no groups with stated political affiliation (both Republican and Democrat groups) will be recognized by the institution.  It seems that they are allowed to meet, but will be doing so unofficially and not be receiving funding from the institution.

I have to scratch my head here, because while a few weeks ago I sarcastically suggested the idea, I am not sure that this makes anything better.  It seems that rather than recognize a political and ideological group because of strong opposition to those views, the administration of Liberty University has decided to completely remove politics from student life.  Some phrases come to mind: “throw the baby out with the bathwater” and “cut off the nose to spite the face” are just a few that spring forward.

This further solidifies the concept that as Christians we are narrow-minded.  In this case we are so much so that we would risk alienation of those with whom we agree so that we do not associate with those with whom we disagree.  Can someone explain to me how this is embodiment of the message of Christ?

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One response to “Liberty University and the Partisan Play

  • Wes Ellis

    I’ll try to be optimistic. I guess in the case of Liberty University, this could actually be a move in the right direction. Don’t get me wrong, politics should and must be of primary concern to Christians (as long as poverty and war are still political realities). But the way Liberty and it’s leadership has dealt with politics in the past has been flat out irresponsible. In the past they’ve been married to the political right, but now this could be a step toward re-establishing distinctions that should never have been lost. It’s only from a position of proper understanding of the distinction between the church and the nation-state–between God’s kingdom and America’s kingdom–that the church in America can be the prophetic/political voice it is meant to be.

    But let’s get serious, it’s Liberty we’re talking about… I’m sure they’ll probably never take the needed steps to become a prophetic voice. They’ll probably just become an institution which cares for “souls” and lets the government deal with people’s bodies.

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