Texas-Sized Ambition


The University of Texas System (health insurance provider) shared about their goals and program with us, being new additions to the growing client list of WebMD Health Services (my current employer).  Much of the meeting was about specific health programs and resources, but there was something early in the presentation that captured my attention.

 In the mission statement were the words “lives of Texans.”  Okay, not so flashy on the surface but the presenter drew emphasis to this phrase.  It did not say “lives of University of Texas employees,” but simply “Texans.”  He explained that within the UT System they have over 200.000 members across the state.  The sentiment, no the “firm belief” is that reaching each of those 200,000 means that, in turn, they will reach out to others. 

What is also impressive is what they are not doing to meet this goal.  They are not going out with brochures or “tracks” to challenge non-employees to seek a better lifestyle for themselves.  They are not finding random people on the street to talk to about their physical health.  They are not fostering superficial relationships with people to press their agenda of better health. 

Why not?  Doesn’t everyone want to be in better health?  Perhaps people do not know that better health would raise their quality of life, so we need to be sure to tell them.  If Texans have not been told the benefits of exercise by people who facilitate the University of Texas System health and wellness plan, then they may not exercise at all.  Why wouldn’t they want to be sure to share their message with everyone?

Several obvious reasons spring to mind, money not withstanding.  But the strength of the message, the ubiquity of their members, and the belief in a person’s self-efficacy are embrassed at the infrustructure of the message itself.  Together these resources have prompted this ambition because they know that if they do the job right with the people they serve because of the established relationship (as unrelated to health as that might be), they may be able to accomplish the goal of reaching the entire state of Texas.

Let this message also inspire you to make a lasting impact in the lives of those around you.  Do not be hindered by your lack of position, but recognize the influence you have over a few which may translate into influence over thousands.  It may be Texas-sized ambition, but our God is mighty to save!

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