Raw Data Reveals Raw People


The concept of a spiritual journey implies that there is a starting point and a destination.  If a person is on that journey then she will be making forward progress, perhaps being sidetracked along the way, but progress all the same.

A trip to Chicago from my home in Indianapolis is a significantly shorter trip than if I started in Tampa Bay.

It would seem, however, that many of my fellow, well-meaning Christians do not hold that same concept of a spiritual journey.  Granger Community Church did a study that found that many of those attending services do not believe in salvation by grace and do believe that there is more than one way to eternal life.  Critics abound, and they shout from their soap boxes that people cannot really be Christian if they do not believe certain specific things about the Christian faith.

I say to them that they need to take the time to realize that the are yelling directly at those we are trying to reach!

Props to Granger… if you can keep rounding them up and challenging them to grow, I can’t think of a better expression of the mission of the church!

I Did Say “If”

The issue that presents is that it is not clear if Granger is challenging people to grow or if they are presenting people with the gospel message.  Being a church that is geared to get butts in the seats, they are certainly making some noise.  But if those efforts have no meaning or purpose, if it does not drive people to Christ, it is nothing more than the pop culture that they are engaging and it ends up as only white noise.

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