Supreme Court Says No to Bible Club Case


Students at Kentridge High School in Seattle wanted to start a Bible club nearly a decade ago.  At the time the administration refused to recognize the club.  Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund brought a petition to the local court to appeal to the right of the students to hold meetings. 

The court sided with the school administration.  The higher court of appeals also kept the club from forming.  The attorneys for the students stated that the school had recognized other such clubs, implying that there was direct discrimination at stake against Christian students.

Unfortunately this is another case where Christian students (and attorneys) acting in an unChristian manner.  The problem with this case presents with a particular part of their membership requirements: “they require their members to hold certain religious beliefs.”

Ouch! what ever happened to accepting people the way they are?  It seems that so many Christians forget that Jesus told stories of banquets where he challenged people to invite the poor, needy, and weak instead of the wealthy and influential.  He praised the gift of the widow’s mite and accepted invitations to eat with tax collectors and prostitutes.  How Christian is a club that requires right belief to become a part?  Could it be that this was the sticking point?  And could it be that all the other clubs made no such requirement?

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