Creation Museum Supports Evolution

… or so it may seem!

Try this on for size.  A recent New York Time article points out that some of the claims on walls of the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY comment about how Noah took two of every kind of animal… not two of every animal.  This implies that small numbers of common ancestors did give rise to the varieties and variations that are evident in the animal kingdom today.

Could there be more in common among creationists and evolutionists?

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About Aaron Gardner

Aaron is a counselor and student of the Bible, passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. He lives in central Indiana with his wife, one-year-old son and their two dogs. View all posts by Aaron Gardner

One response to “Creation Museum Supports Evolution

  • humblemonkey

    Interesting how so many Christians get so hung up on this. Biological evolution does not address the origin of life. The two are commonly and mistakenly conflated. Evolution describes (and through the theory of evolution, endeavors to explain) the changes in gene frequencies that occur in populations of living organisms over time, and thus, presupposes that life already exists. Evolution likewise says nothing about cosmology, the Big Bang, or the origins of the universe.

    I think we as Christians can often be guilty of boxing God and making Him seem very small. Surely the point of reading Genesis is not to arrive at a Christian theory for the origin of life, but to appreciate that whatever Science reveals, it only deepens our wonder for the creator and instigator of all things.

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