‘Crazy’ Obsession

A book review of Crazy Love by Francis Chan

crazy-loveWhen I picked up this book, my first thought was that it would be another Lucado-warm-gushy style volume that helped us to really know that God is all we need and that if we follow the teaching of the Bible that everything will work out.

I was both exactally right and incredibly wrong.

Crazy Love is about God’s love and about how once we really begin to understand what God’s love really is we are compelled to respond.  Chan talks about how God’s love, mercy, and grace are indeed free gifts, but how once they are fully received we can be nothing less than obsessed with God.

In a profoundly simple language, Chan admonishes us as we, perhaps unknowingly and unintentionally, offer God our leftovers instead of our best.  He challenges us to consider that sacrifice should hurt and that being obsessed with God requires us to change. 

Habit may have caused us to become unaware and sleepily move through life without considering the ramifications of our day-to-day decisions.  Making God first place means stepping away from that comfort and into something that requires all of us, mind, body, and soul.  After all if our God is worth following then our God is worth everything we are!

In Context

If I had any trouble with this book it is this: the gospel context is implied.  Rather than inspire by talking about the beauty of the gospel, our freedom from sin to do good works, and the desire the redeemed have to serve and glorify God our savior, Chan makes an enormous assumption that you get all that.  I would have much preferred the book take time to step through the enormity of what Christ did for us as the locomotion for how to live out this crazy love that he talks about.


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