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Comments on Intra-religious Tolerance

In the midst of all the controversy among Christians these days, it is important to remember that we are all God’s people.  Scripture is clear that we believe in a God who comes, and that God picked us.  We did not pick Him. 

This is especially difficult to hang on to when the fundamentals of our faith and belief are seemingly undermined.  It is human nature to cling to what is stable and consistent rather than reach for the olla podrida of concepts and ideas that pervade our society.  No doubt that the foundation has to be built solid, but as Jesus pointed out the foundation is only as good as the location in which it is built in the first place. 

A few hundred years ago the church faced such a strong situation that seemed to desire to penetrate that firm foundation.  Some guy named Galileo came up with a notion that the earth does not hold the central point of the universe, but rather that it moves around the sun.  While this does not seem a hot topic given all the data, Galileo’s findings were met with not only cynicism but full vehemencefrom the church.  Why would the church care so much and deny empirical evidence?  Because it was part of the doctrine of the church and interpretation of certain passages of Scripture. 

Who was right?  I am sure we all know.  The interesting thing is that God did not abandon the church in this time of full embarrassment.  Just sit with that thought for the moment: God, knowing full well the truth to the situation as He designed it, did not abandon the church at that point and did not turn against the church when that erroneous doctrine was written in the first place. 

To put it simply: the issue of who was right and who was wrong was not a concern for God.

God was and continues faithful to both Galileo and the Catholic church.  God does not take sides when people do holy work, when people follow their hearts and seek His face.  Old wine skins overflow into new ones.  We are all invited to the same Communion table.

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