God’s Dog

It is no secret: I love my dog!  This is Whimsy.  Thanks to her we became a two-dog family just about four months ago.  It was a rough start, but the rest of us have totally melted over her.  She squeals when I come home and loves to curl up with me on the couch and go to sleep at night.

True that she also climbs fences.  She has gotten enough practice that she can be quite swift at it!  She likes chewing the baseboards as well as sticks and shoes.

It struck me the other day that in spite of the trouble she causes, she knows that she is loved.  Not really sure why, except that she is my dog and that seems to be all it takes.  She doesn’t have a care in the world except trying to catch that chipmunk or get the treat out of her Kong.  Ah, the life of a dog.

No doubt this observation has been made numerous times, but I want to be God’s dog!  Seriously, in spite of the opinions I share on this blog and the cares that I do have about life in general, I want to curl up in God’s lap.  I want God to just hug me and love me because I am me.  Not for any other reason.  In fact, I want God to love me in spite of myself.

…and He does!

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Aaron is a counselor and student of the Bible, passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. He lives in central Indiana with his wife, one-year-old son and their two dogs. View all posts by Aaron Gardner

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