Father Knows Best

Let’s make this an open forum… please leave a comment on what goes through your mind when you watch this video.

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Aaron is a counselor and student of the Bible, passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. He lives in central Indiana with his wife, one-year-old son and their two dogs. View all posts by Aaron Gardner

10 responses to “Father Knows Best

  • Hidi

    Okay, so I was always told that Adam and Eve had lots of kids and the gene pool was still so fresh and new that it was still okay to have kids with their sister. Sounds gross, but it flies, I guess. My question has always been… “When Cain killed Abel and was sent out into no-where’s land and married some other chic, where did SHE come from?”

  • Jeff

    For those that believe in the story of Adam and Eve, it could be that there were already human beings existing on the planet at the time God created the special garden with Adam and Eve. Then when God cast them out of the garden, there were others to mate with. Perhaps the garden was like God’s little ant farm experiment even though the world at large already had lots of ants.

    Or one could view the Adam and Eve story as just a metaphorical story about unjust punishment and not literal…

  • Jim Thornber

    I have to disagree with Jeff. Gen. 3:20 says, “Then Adam named his wife Eve, because she would be the mother of all people everywhere” (NLT). I lean on the side of Hidi, which is how I heard it in Bible college.

    However, the question is “What goes through your mind when you watch this?” I see a man who doesn’t know what to way because he may be unfamiliar with the passage in Genesis. He hems and haws and knows the longer he takes to say, “I don’t know” the worse he will look.

    This teaches me three things: 1. Know my Bible! 2. Say “I don’t know” when I don’t know. 3. Stay away from talk /newsshows when the questions are trivial and have nothing to do with real life.

  • Aaron

    Jim, I especially like your third point! Thanks for the comment!

  • Aaron

    Interesting… so perhaps there were cave men that God created on the 5th day and it is their skeletons that we are digging up? ;^)

    Your comment reminded me of the wierd passage (Genesis 6:1-4) where these “sons of God” came and “chose wives for themselves” among “the daughters of man.” In verse 4 these “sons of God” are described as “powerful men of old” … wonder what that was all about!

  • Hidi

    So, what if Adam and Eve were the originals, but then God thought it would be *fun* to make other people just for the heck of it? If he made them originally, what’s to say all the rest have to come through the natural process?

  • Sabio Lantz

    The humor of someone trying to make sense of something that was never intended by its writers to make literal sense was amazing. To think, the guys who constructed the story are prehistoric but the guy behind the camera appears to have a lower IQ — so much for evolution ! Smile.

  • awfrick

    When we translated that from Hebrew in class, the literal word for the ‘sons of God’ was ‘Nephelim’ or ‘The fallen ones’. The narrative seems to imply that these were fallen angels. The generally accepted conscience in the translation community is that there was angelic and human inbreeding.

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