Freedom of Religious Hilarity

In light of recent conversations and buzz among people in the Christian community regarding problems that really do need to be addressed, it seems all the more important to remember what a gift we have in our freedom of religion.

Back in 2002 a book was published under the title A Vida de Jesus by cartoonist Gerhard Haderer.  This a delightful, yet sacrilegious romp through an alternative life of Jesus.  Its illustrations are vibrant and detailed as the author takes us through what really happened at his birth, the cutting of the umbilical cord, the horror that the wisemen felt at the crying and wailing baby, to the growing halo around the child’s head.  In childhood the young Jesus attracts 12 friends in part because his halo light was great for playing games late at night.

No doubt this was not a biblical account of the life of Christ, nor was it meant to be.  It was published and sold in several countries in Europe, including Greece.  Not sure if modern Greeks are usually tolerant of religious differences, but they were not pleased with this particular publication.  Haderer was legally accused of blasphemy and was handed a suspended sentence of 6 months to boot!

The United States may be wrecked with many problems these days, but fortunately we to not have to live with such turmoil.  Even today we read about how North Korea is killing Christians for their faith.  This is not a problem of the yester-years, people are continuing to be martyered for what they hold in their hearts and minds.

Take some time to stop and be grateful today.

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