Denouement or Intermission

Theater Seats

It seems that since my adventure there have been a number of different people hanging around here.  So as I stop an take a breath, I am wondering what you all would like to hear about.

Take some time to give me your thoughts of what you would like to see in future posts.


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7 responses to “Denouement or Intermission

  • 1poorguy

    I’m still curious about the discrepancies between your account and the very detailed AiG account (I will withhold comment about the latter!). Evidently they are saying the t-shirt incident was a shirt that said “no God”, not the one you presented in your post (for an example). There are others. Seems they are trying to paint the SSA as disruptive even though other accounts disagree.

    Also, it strikes me that this event affected you very strongly. The “I am atheist to their God” comment seemed particularly poignant. Am I reading too much into this to assume there was dismay on your part both by what you saw in KY, and the reactions/attitudes of many of the self-proclaimed Christians? If so, how would you say your “framework” differs from theirs (given that you both claim the title “Christian”)?

  • RBH

    Two issues are of interest to me. First, what do you conceive the duty of ‘moderate’ theists — moderate Christians, to be specific — to resist the reality denial of people like Ken Ham. Ham appeals to the same authority that you do, claims to worship the same God, yet his interpretation of scripture is at odds with reality, for example, the reality of a 4.5 billion year-old earth. He preaches that falsehood, teaches children that, urges pastors to teach it to their flocks. Do Christians who do not deny reality have any duty of correction with respect to their co-religionists who deny reality?

    Second, I have on occasion criticized ‘moderate’ Christians for enabling the Ken Hams of the world by treating faith as a virtue, particularly faith in the absence (or even in contradiction to) evidence. So long as faith is taken to be a virtue, how can one not view Ham’s view as being just as valid as, say, yours? What generally accepted ways of resolving religious conflicts are there other than ignoring them, schism or war? All three of the latter have deep historical roots, of course. But I know of no other generally accepted way that theists have employed to resolve theological conflicts. Are there any?

  • Sabio Lantz

    Good luck Aaron — it is tough when a blog takes on a direction you don’t plan. Kind of like our lives, I guess. You are high quality, I am sure it will go very well no matter which direction.

  • 1poorguy

    Speaking as a non-theist I think it is your obligation to speak out against the likes of Ham. Otherwise you are as guilty as Muslims that don’t speak out against the terrorists they claim have hijacked their religion. You will be lumped in with the Hams of the world by those who deride them if you remain silent.

    Consider this. Scientists do not remain politely quiet when one of their own speaks or publishes something different than the presently accepted view. They want to see the data. They ask questions. They point out errors in thinking, errors in experimentation, etc. IMO, theists should do the same thing when Ken Ham claims your religion and then spews nonsense such as man and dinosaurs coexisting in peace and harmony.

  • happy atheist

    I am a moral, happy, curious about the big questions of life devout atheist. I am glad to have found your blog and tend to come back often to read it.

  • Boz

    As a moderate theist, do you agree with spong’s 12 theses?

  • Aaron

    These are strong issues that you are all bringing up here. The difficulty for me is less about what to say than it is about how to say it.

    Either way, thanks for the input. If you come up with anything else feel free to post more here or throughout the blog.

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