Chopped Bible Salad #1: the Subject Bible

chopped salad

Wow! what an amazing number of topics are in the Bible!  There is everything there from love and faith to history and instructions for living.  Would it not be so much more meaningful if every verse in the Bible was arranged in such a way to be able to study those topics individually?  Couldn’t pastors more easily prepare topic-based messages if they could have all those verses in one place?

Well, that was the idea of Dr. Everette Gaddy, the father of the Bible… oh, I mean the author of the Subject Bible… or should that be the chef who invented the Bible Salad Shooter?

At a whopping 150 dollars (plus S&H) the Subject Bible is just that easy guide to all the topics addressed in the Word of God.  Dr. Gaddy must have sat down with a pair of scissors and cut out each and every verse of the Bible, tossed each into a large bin with the name of a topic on it, then listed them in order of their appearance in the original text.

There are yet other issues that become a testimony to the hideous mochary this makes of the book: it is only available in the King James verison.  It is unknown what credentials this Dr. Gaddy acutally has, and his TV informercial claims that he is a “world renowned theologian” but internet searches turn up nothing about the man except in direct reference to this publication.

What we have here is a Tenessee Bible-salesman with questionable credentials who is making theological and doctrinal decisions in arranging passages of Scripture out of context.  Then he puts his work under the cover with the Bible itself (the “regular” text of the Bible is printed ahead of the salad version) which serves to delude people into thinking that this is in fact what the Bible “meant to say.”  Of course, this is just the story of a creative salesman trying to make a buck!

Interesting observation: one of the “free” gifts included with purchase is a CD-ROM version of the Subject Bible itself.  Would that not be defeating the purpose of the Subject Bible itself?  Doesn’t the CR-ROM provide a searchable version of the Bible where you can actually read verses in their original context?


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3 responses to “Chopped Bible Salad #1: the Subject Bible

  • Jason Barr

    Bible salad shooter!? I just literally lol’d, hope I didn’t wake up my wife. I was so wiped out when I got home from the first day of seminary orientation that I went to bed about 7 pm, woke up at 2 am. Going to be a loooong day…

    This sounds to me like the reductio ad absurdem of the whole concept of the Bible as something like foundational source material from which doctrine is to be distilled. It’s ludicrous, but it also demonstrates in some very real (and disturbing) ways what a number of teachers and preachers basically do in practice.

  • Boz

    Sounds like just another charlatan trying to make money from the gullible.

  • Aaron

    @ Jason

    Thank you so much for your comments! I have to say that I am really appreciating your blog and am being challenged with your perspectives (thus its inclusion on my blogroll).

    Also glad you appreciated my humor about a situation that is just so desperately sad. I have intentionally watched the entire program-length ad for this “Bible” twice to be sure that I was not missing anything genuine or redeemable about this schlop. But there it is… and unfortunately I have a list of about a dozen more for this series… ugh!

    @ Boz

    My thoughts exactly!!

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