Emerging Church According to Mark Driscoll


Among the most controversial posts as of late has been the one I did on Rob Bell and his version of Christianity.  While I have been told that Rob Bell never has said definitively that he is a part of the Emerging Church (EC), he has at least been a part of the early conversations that have resulted in the organization known as the Emergent Village.

Another of these early movers and shakers was a man named Mark Driscoll.  He started with this group, knows many of them personally, and so his perspective is one of an insider.

Below is a short clip from a full lecture on the “streams” of the emerging church.  This may help several of you to know a bit more about what this all means and some of the controversy, and in this case from someone who has been directly involved in it. 

For the full lecture click here.

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2 responses to “Emerging Church According to Mark Driscoll

  • Scott Wilder

    I like Driscoll. If i lived in Seattle I would probably attend Mars Hill.

    The chasm between Dricoll and Bell is fairly evident. Driscoll has gone as far as to say that Bell will never be invited to teach at Mars Hill Seattle.

    I think at the end of the day where they differ is that Driscoll wants people to be followers of Jesus. So that leads to a concentration on doctrine. Where Bell wants people to be expressions of Jesus. Which leads to a concentration on the choices we make and the lives we live.

    The emergents don’t drive me crazy. I listen to Bell’s sermons and he always challenges me to look at my faith through a different lens than I would on my own.

    At the same time, they do a TON of talking and debating. They’re always on TV and rubbing elbows with religious celebrities of all faiths. Which leads me to a simple question: What’s the point of being a christian if Jesus isn’t at the center of what you do?

  • Sabio Lantz

    So, I listened — this guy is not my kind of Christian.
    But he is a very good speaker — very charismatic.
    His taxonomy of the 4 “emergent” church streams/lanes was interesting, though. Here is my summary of his evaluation of those 4 streams of the churches that call themselves “emergent”

    (1) Emerging Evangelicals
    Good evangelicals but they have women pastors (not good).

    (2) House Church Evangelicals
    Good evangelicals but they don’t like preachers, pastors or big churches (they are wrong on those accounts).

    (3) Emerging Reformers
    Yeah ! That is my group. Only male pastors here. Oh yeah, wear are charismatic.

    (4) Emergent Liberals
    These are cults. The Crew with emergent village are wrong including Brian McLaren, Rob Bell and Doug Pagitt. “They are totally off the highway and lost in the words.” They say homosexuality is OK, they doubt the virgin birth, the don’t believe in the inerrancy of the bible (“if the bible lied about Jesus, we loose everything”).

    Wow, I hope the Emergent Liberals have a big influence in American Christianity — just the opposite of what you desire, Aaron.
    At about the 55 minute point, with that classic gravelly, tearful, angry voice he starts preaching about suffering in hell ! He is a Pentacostal in blue jeans ! He even has an alter call, right at the end.

    His lecture helped me tidy up my emergent gospel page, thanx.

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