Chopped Bible Salad #3: The Serendipity Bible

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Have you ever wanted to know what the Bible has to say about everything… and at a moment’s notice?  Do you have Sunday mornings when you forgot to prepare a lesson for your Sunday school class because you were at the office so late?  Did you ever want to play Bible diving (where you open the Bible randomly and point to a verse) and actually be able to find something of relevance?  Well, you are in luck, or should I say “by coincidence,” the Serendipity Bible is for you.

From the Back Cover:
Everything you need to lead a group Bible study…. You don’t have to be a gifted teacher or leader to make it happen. With the ready-made studies in the Serendipity Bible, the only thing a group leader has to prepare is the coffee!

This volume has earned its place on the Bible salad bar for the simple fact that it takes thought out of Bible study.  It encourages teachers to not study, and putting these details notes in line with the text implies that these notes are the only way to read the passages.

I must admit, when I was younger and much more naive, I too fell for the chance way that this manifestation of the Bible makes study a snap.  But the spinach has turned into slimy mush.  If the Bible is to be studied, it must be done with more respect and reverence.  Well, it at least requires a brain and due effort to appropriately decipher the text.

The truth is if you cannot teach you cannot teach, and this volume will not add interest and intrigue to your ability.  Using the indexes and study notes in the Serendipity Bible only encourages passages to be read out of context and implies that superficial reading of the text can reap its full meaning.  Teaching by people who only know how to make coffee is part of the reason that the love for theology and sound doctrine is all but a distant memory.


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