Holiness by Grace



The Gospel is beautiful.  In fact it is so beautiful that it can shine out even in a dry and listless narrative.

“Holiness by Grace” is a sermon presented at a church called Grace Seattle by Jay-Thomas Hewitt way back on September 14, 2008.  He begins by saying that in many churches “the Gospel… gets about a 45 second cameo at the end of the sermon.”  The reason for this is that many pastors think that the Gospel is only for people who are not Christian and they reserve its telling for special weeks where they may emphasize bringing a friend or on Christmas and Easter when many more people show for a meeting.

But leaving the Gospel only for non-Christians leaves Christians with a serious problem.  As Hewitt puts it: “Once that is taken care of the rest is our problem.”  It is good news for all of us, and it continues to be good news because it is all we have.  The good news is that God has done it all for us through the power of the death and resurrection of Jesus.  The good news is that this same power is the Spirit that brings regeneration to my life and it is by the same Spirit that anything good comes from this shoddy life of mine.

“God’s grace is a thread that runs through the entirety of our lives,” says Hewitt. “[It] empowers, enables and fuels….we become holy by grace.”  That same grace that first brought us into communion with God.  That same grace is still sufficient for Christians.

Take time to listen as the message of the Gospel breaks through the clouds and ushers in a new day of grace every day for the rest of our lives.

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