The Prayer of a Christian Loanshark

Farm Prayer

Sadly enough, the prayer life of the average Christian is not unlike this report from Onion Radio News. In this report a Christian loan shark prays for the strength to break thumbs. Let’s not even mention that a Christian loanshark should be a walking oxymoron, but the earnest prayer of a scoundrel of this sort, well it is as likely to be answered as any other.

Certainly a characterization of prayers that people actually offer (then there are those for the high school football team victory), prayer has become for many a payment in a vending machine.  What has happened is that we have begun to have the em-PHA-sis on the wrong sy-LA-ble.

Christianity is about putting God first.  We believe God’s ways are best, even if they do not meet our own desires.  It is not only our duty, but it is an outpouring of the example and action of Christ himself: while we were yet sinners, Christ gave his life for us.  God came to us, so God is first.

…thy will be done… (Matthew 6:10)


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