Paul Washer on the Scandal of the Gospel

If you want to know what Christianity is, take a look at this:

Chris Rosebrough does a critique of this lecture on his program, Fighting for the Faith.


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  • Sabio Lantz

    Chris’ talk starts with his prayer:

    Father, I come before you in the name of you son
    I worship him, praise him
    [As if God doesn’t recognize suck up]

    Lord, lord, I know it is by Grace that you know all things
    [what? I thought he just knew all things by nature]
    ‘N If it were not for grace lord, who could stand before thee?
    [lots of folks did]

    Oh God, I pray that you will get glory for yourself
    Glory for your Christ
    And benefit for your church
    Help us Lord to understand and apply
    in Jesus’ name,

    [I never understood opening prayers — who are they to? Talkin’ to the crowd? Starting off by showing how holy you are? How good you are at prayer? To get the feeling going.
    Sorry, couldn’t listen to the rest of it after just that]

  • Aaron

    We aren’t talking about the same episode. Fighting for the Faith is an internet radio show and he regularly does reviews of pastors and sermons… you may be very interested in it, Sabio! You may be surprised at how often you agree with Chris!

  • Sabio Lantz

    Sorry, Aaron, that was a typo. That is the word-for-word prayer of Paul Washer in the exact video you posted above — but not Chris.

    But you avoided the question, as you often do:

    !) Don’t you find that very often, people use group prayer before a sermon to:
    a) show how holy they are
    b) show how good they are at prayer — establish status
    c) talk to the audience instead of their god

    2) Don’t you think Paul Washer’s prayer was odd? If not why not?

    I will not listen to a long sermon by this Chris guy, especially when he starts out with this fake piety. So if you think there is some idea I would like, just let me know what it is.

  • Aaron

    I wasn’t avoiding the question… I was trying to figure out the context of the quote.

    1) a. Yes b. Yes c. Yes

    2) yeah, really not sure what he means by “it is by grace that you know all things”… that doesn’t make much sense to me. I am often conscious and aware of how corporate prayer is used. I do think that it is odd to pray aloud as if it were a one-on-one conversation. To that end, I think that piety is often a perception, so any time I pray aloud I work very hard to try to prevent that from being the perception.

    I actually did not see piety in this prayer, thought his attitude was contrite. Can we move from the smoke screen and into the actual subject of the video? Or no?

  • Sabio Lantz

    Yeah, I won’t be watching a long sermon without good reasons to. You haven’t told us why we should. Why don’t you just summarize it. One of the benefits of being an Atheist is not having to listen to long holy hackneyed sermons. Why don’t you just give us a quick bulleted list of his logical points.

  • Aaron

    Because I would give a bulleted list of his logical points and because it was a feeble attempt to summarize we would spend about the same amount of time trying to clarify my summary instead of actually discussing what he said.

    If you don’t want to listen to it, fine. No problem, seriously.

  • Sabio Lantz

    OK, won’t watch it. Sorry, “Here, read, watch this!” is not enough for me. You probably meant it for believers who are waiting for your reading/listening list. My mistake.

  • Boz

    I didn’t watch it because it is an hour long.

  • thinkpoint

    A Joel Osteen home:

    Listening to Joel Osteen makes me long for the home mentioned in the State song of Kansas:

    Oh, give me a home where the Buffalo roam Where the Deer and the Antelope play; Where never is heard a discouraging word, And the sky is not clouded all day.

    The problem is…..

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