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When culling my email inbox this week I ran across this email I got way back on October 27, 2009 from Dan Kimball of Vintage Faith and author of They Like Jesus But They Don’t Like the Church.  His reply was to a post (click here) in which I mentioned him in reference to my bleak journey into the heretical world of the Emerging Church.  Undoubtedly, that journey started with on of Dan’s other books aptly titled The Emerging Church.

Hey Aaron!

Read your blog about your journey into emerging church world and I found myself resonating and agreeing with your experience. I think I was further down the road obviously, but sounds like we both are thinking similar things now!  that’s why I ended up forming origins with Erwin, Rick M. and some others.

Anyway, wanted to just say I scanned through your blog and I appreciated your thinking.

Dan Kimball

Dan Kimball

The “origins” that Dan mentions is The Origins Project, which includes such figures as the above-mentioned Erwin McManus of Mosaic in LA and Rick McKinley of Imago Dei Community

I am not very familiar with most of those who are part of the project, but I have followed Erwin McManus for a time, meaning that I have read most of his books and listened to his podcast nearly weekly for several months.  He has some excellent wisdom to share and he is passionate about Scripture.  However, there are definitely ways that he moves toward a more “prosperity” take on the message of Christ as he also strays wildly at times from the context of the passage he speaks on.  (If you would appreciate more expanded thoughts on these issues, please leave any comments or questions.)

While I have my reservations about several in the group, it is good to know that Kimball has reacted against the Emerging Church and has made efforts to move back toward orthodox Christian belief.  As I do for all those I criticize, I pray that Kimball and The Origins Project will walk in repentance and in the light of the Gospel which is our only hope in our struggle against sin.  Grace and peace to you all.


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