My Conversation With Doug Pagitt

The following is the “transcript” of a conversation that I had back in November 2009 with Doug Pagitt of Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis, MN. My responses to Pagitt are typed with links to the tweets themselves, but his are screen shots from Tweetdeck because shortly after our conversation he deleted all of his comments, so no online source exists.

@LawGrace You don’t have @jonestony on your heretics list… I wonder why 😉 (Online Source)

@pagitt I wonder why there is so much criticism… hmm… but thank you for your gracious comment. (Online Source)

@pagitt Would you mind sharing your thoughts on the authority of Scripture? Do you trust the biblical canon? (Online Source)

@pagitt I only ask because @jonestony calls it into question on his blog… calling the canon “too Pauline.” (Online Source)

@pagitt Oh, it has had AMAZING results! Just this week I have had unique opportunities to share the Gospel of Christ with several people. (Online Source)

@pagitt I’m curious 2 hear if u have read those posts… while they r critiques I have been intentional about sharing the Gospel therein. (Online Source)

@pagitt Mockery and apologetics are two very different concepts my friend. (Online Source)

@pagitt btw, you seem to have avoided my questions from last night… thoughts? (Online Source)

@pagitt I am sorry sir, but u are avoiding my question… I have shared w/ u a bit a/b the fruits of my labor, and I regularly evaluate it. (Online Souce)

@pagitt Being critical of people who preach an alternative Gospel is quite biblical, my friend. (Online Source)

@pagitt And btw, I am clothed in Christ’s righteousness… Thank God for his sovereign grace! (Online Souce)

@pagitt A notice: u and @jonestony have much material out there; it is unfair to criticize and condemn me based on 1 paragraph. (Online Source)

@pagitt Someone else seems to have a very different impression from a comment just today: (Online Source)

)@pagitt Once again you challenge me based on nearly nothing… If your intention is a fair critique, at least do your homework first. (Online Source)

)@pagitt And so everyone knows this was all based on one singular comment and you proceed to call me names and judge me! (Online Source)

@pagitt You judge me and slander me based on one comment…. you know nothing about me. (Online Source)

@pagitt My comment about @jonestony is about theology… u attack my life, my character, and my values; you have no basis for this. (Online Source)

@pagitt And as a pastor I would expect you to be able to offer much more grace, even to your critics. (Online Source)

@pagitt And until you called me an “ass” I have not said anything against you online… do a search on my blog and your name will not appear (Online Source)

@pagitt My critiques, which you have not read, are fair and well-researched. U and Tony have much available to read and study. (Online Source)

@pagitt It is a statement about the theology a person holds… true some may do that maliciously, but not a character judgment. (Online Source)

@pagitt I also want to make it clear that until just a few months ago I was a heretic, with the best of intentions. (Online Source)

@pagitt My heart breaks at the thought of those who I have lead astray because of my heresy… in spite of my best intentions. (Online Source)

@pagitt I have lived heresy… I know it far too well… I still see it when I look at myself in the mirror. (Online Source)

@pagitt I know very well what I am doing… I have spent may hours weeping over my sin. (Online Source)

@pagitt I can’t DM you because you stopped following me. (Online Source)

@pagitt Agreed. Grace and peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ. (Online Source)

Once the conversation ended, Pagitt blocked me from any exchange via Twitter.


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