Dear Mr. Rosebrough

Special thanks to Chris Rosebrough for featuring my recent post, “Pop Went the Church,” on Friday March 19’s edition of his internet radio program called Fighting for the Faith.

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2 responses to “Dear Mr. Rosebrough

  • Kevin Smith

    This isn’t a response exactly but after reading some of the comments, postings, & etc. here I thought I would recommend(highly) these books: Excellent, greatly thought provoking, & based totally on scripture………

    This Little Church Went to Market

    This Little Church Stayed Home

    This Little Church Went to Market: The Church in the Age of Modern Entertainment

    Deceived on Purpose

    The 1st 3 were written by Gary Gilley & the last one was written by Warren Smith

  • Ryan Gill

    @KevinSmith – I have not read the first books you mentioned… but I have read Deceived On Purpose. While Smith had some good points, I saw that there was an air of King James Only-ism throughout the book, and using the argument that it should be used because it helped HIM come out of the New Age. What if the NASB or the NLT or TNIV helped someone come out of the New Age? He’s using a pragmatic argument to further his KJV-preference when he should argue for a translation based on good scholarship… which is why personally I use the ESV. I also found the book to be slightly legalistic (though that may be just me)

    For a similar book w/out these issues, I’d encourage Bob DeWaay’s REDEFINING CHRISTIANITY:Understanding the Purpose Driven Life Movement. Read it and loved it!

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