A Sanctifying Marriage

Deep down inside we all think that there is something magical about marriage.  Too often we watch those movies where the scintillating set of sweethearts saunter off into the sunset and, even though we can consciously identify that as fantasy, we let it creep into our expectations for what this venture is all about.

In the following audio track, pastor Matt Chandler of The Village Church in Texas speaks out about marriage and sets down a charge from Scripture on what it really should be all about.  Chandler expels the “you complete me” mentality bequeathed by Jerry Maquire and replaces it with what we can really expect from a marriage.  Not only are we given firm expectations, but Chandler challenges us to see how marriage is a picture of what God would have for us and how marriage can draw us into a deeper relationship with him.  Here are some highlights:

  • A woman should not find her value in her appearance, but in God.
  • She is the right one for me because she is the one I am married to.
  • We are sinners; and at times we will fail one another.
  • Put your faith and trust in God and not in your spouse.
  • Biblically women and men have the same amount of responsibility at home.
Special Note: your concept of the purpose of biblical teaching may cause you to be a bit frustrated with this sermon (you know who you are).  But taken as a strong teaching on what the Bible says about marriage, it can be a challenge to you to see your sin and fault in the context of marriage and then look to Christ as not only the example as he loves his bride, the church, but as the answer to the problems that come in marriage.

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