Book Review: ‘Radical’ by David Platt


 We live in a world where so many have decided that the church has lost its way.  Many have taken their exit and many continue to struggle to find some level of hope and truth for the people of God.  Waves of “seeker-sensitive,” “purpose-driven” and “relevant” churches have changed the perspective of ministry from teaching and preaching the gospel to conform to the American business model of success.

In his new book, David Platt, pastor of The Church at Brook Hills, tells about his struggle with being the pastor of a large church, living the “American church dream” and yet becoming uncertain about how his approach to ministry is really modeled in the Bible:

So how was I to reconcile the fact that I was now pastoring thousands of people with the fact that my greatest example in ministry was known for turning away thousands of people?

Wreckless Abandon for the Gospel

Platt suggests that instead of following a solid business model, Christian ministry should instead be modeled after Jesus’ example and teaching in Luke 9.  Jesus was not using some sort of reverse psychology nor did he talk about abandonment just to test the loalty of his disciples.  He was completely serious that in order to follow him, it may cost you everything. 

Isn’t he worth it?

This is not a call to do good works to make the world a better place.  This is not an exhortation to believe that somehow if we do not do enough that God will not be pleased.  Platt calls us to self-abandonment as a response to the message of the gospel and to preach the gospel to all people.  “The gospel does not prompt you to mere reflection; the gospel requires a response.”

Read this book to be challenged to abandon the success we desire and to launch out with the purpose and power of the gospel.

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2 responses to “Book Review: ‘Radical’ by David Platt

  • Siggy

    Just put in for my free copy today. It sounds interesting.

  • jessiekaitlyn

    just started reading this book! already started crying after reading the first chapter! haha check out my latest blog post on my thoughts on an excerpt from this book if you get a chance (:

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