Rick Warren, popular pastor of purpose, has once again flown the flag of philanthropic philosophy.  It is clear that Warren supports attractional and law-focused moralism rather than the Gospel of Jesus Christ that not only saves but compels to good work.  Here is a tweet he sent out earlier today:

CHURCH! An army’s strength isnt seen by how many eat in the mess hall but how many are fighting on the front line battle. (Online Source)

The Purpose-Driven movement is all about action, and Warren’s critique of Gospel-driven ministry is that all it does is “feed” people and neglects to challenge people to “live out the gospel.”  Unfortunately, the Bible teaches the contrary.  Over and over again we are commended to study, to teach, and exhort the story of Christ and his atoning work for us on the cross.

Here is the interesting thing: if the church does its job by preaching the Law for conviction of sin and the Gospel as the remedy, then people are compelled to do good works.  What Warren and his cronies do not understand is that actually feeding people on the Gospel instead of cheap moralism is what builds the body of Christ and provides the strength to fight the battle that he wants us to fight!

Mr. Warren: stop starving your congregation and feed them the Gospel, the good news, that Jesus Christ is the answer for the blackened hearts and their deafened ears.  Tell them that Christ has paid it all and that there is nothing that they can do under their own power that can do what he did for them.  Proclaim to your people that the power of the Law has been loosed because we now wear the robes of Christ’s righteousness instead of our own nakedness.  When they realize that they have been forgiven so much you will not be able to hold them back!

Close Encounters of the Gospel Kind

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