The Good News of the Bound Will

Ever have questions about how some Christians believe that we do not have free will and that God is the one who calls people to become Christian?  In the 1600s, Martin Luther wrote a book called The Bondage of the Will in which he describes the Bible’s teaching on our inability to choose salvation for ourselves.

In this excellent presentation by Dr. Rod Rosenbladt (White Horse Inn), he addresses concerns that are often raised about the bondage of the will:

  • Do I have any choices I can make?
  • Is there no point, then to evangelism and doing good?
  • I thought that I needed to have faith in Christ and repent, that sounds like something that I do on my own.
  • Where does the Bible say that I have no ability to choose God?

What, then is the good news of the bound will?  When we begin to see that we cannot choose God on our own, that we instead hate God and are spiritually dead in our sin, something amazing happens.  Suddenly, we see miracles as commonplace.  Everyone who has been called by God, who loves God, and who trusts in Christ is a walking miracle!  Thanks be to God for his steadfast love and his faithfulness to us, even though we are completely undeserving and incapable of achieving it ourselves.

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Scripture passages for further study and reflection:
  • Depravity: Genesis 6, 8; Psalm 14, 51; Jer 17; Matthew 15; Romans 1, 8; Ephesians 2; Col 6
  • Election: John 15; Acts 13; Ephesians (especially 1-2)

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