Review: Words From the Fire


Words from the FireWords from the Fire by R. Albert Mohler Jr.
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In a country where people fight for the Ten Commandments to be posted in public places, but many of these same people do not even know what they say. Dr. Albert Mohler takes us on a journey along those stone tablets in the tradition of Christ himself. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus reminds that the commandments are not about outward action, but about the attitude of the heart. Where the commandments say that we must not murder, Christ took it to the heart of the matter and equated murder with hate. Mohler follows this tradition by showing how each commandment is intended to be about the attitude of the heart.

Mohler also takes the first commandment and shows how all the others follow along with it: they are all about our relationship with God, not just with others.

A very accessible book, it is no doubt a book that can be challenging for new and seasoned Christians alike. Highly recommended!


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