Deny The Bruise?

Several years ago (not telling how many) I was at a hotel at the end of youth convention, awaiting our leaders to check out and the bus to arrive to whisk us back home.  Since the convention was over there were so many people in the lobby that there were no places to sit.  So I decided to lean against the glass wall at the front of the hotel for a good vantage point.

Suddenly I felt a full body WHACK!  Startled I looked around and saw no one and nothing that could have done the damage.  In fact there was no one even close.  I thought nothing of it and continued to wait.

WHACK! The same exact force pounded against my left side.  What was that?  Again I looked around for someone who was stealing off to make me think that it was not them.  Again, nothing.

Once again; WHACK! What on earth could be doing this to me?  Was I hallucinating?  This time I noticed that people were walking toward me just before it happened.

Finally, on the fourth WHACK! I realized what was happening: the automatic door was sliding open and giving me a firm wallop every time someone entered or exited. I have to admit that there were times that I doubted my own senses during this whole experience, but I could not shake the fact that something had to have happened.  After all I had a bruise to prove it.

Denying The Rock

It seems that in matters of faith and science those who hold faith easily deny the evidence.  When looking at concrete evidence does it not stand to reason that what we think is true may not be if it cannot accommodate the evidence?  Fear grips people as evidence comes to the surface as if the evidence has with it a text-book explaining the only possible explanation.  Believe it or not, when putting pieces together Darwin only came up with one arrangement of the puzzle pieces as an explanation.  Granted, it seems to fit and there have been very little, if any, examples of evidence that would contradict his theory.  Yet, just because a theory seems to explain the evidence does not mean that it is correct.

Ancient Greeks thought that toads were born from mud puddles, but all the facts were not in.  For thousands of years people thought that the earth was the center of not only the solar system but the center of the universe, but not all the facts were in.  And with the facts that were presented, those theories seemed logical and reasonable, but we know better.

Creationist: how do you explain the artifacts?  What do you think may have happened?  What are reasonable explanations for the evidence?  Stop running and confront the physical artifacts.  They do not necessarily supplant the story of creation any more than a heliocentric solar system supplants the teaching of the Bible.  A legitimate position must address the facts.

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2 responses to “Deny The Bruise?

  • Boz

    Aaron, I appreciate that you are challenging the fact-avoidance of creationists(YEC’s?). It is a generous gift that you are offering.

    In a few sentences, what is your position on evolution, age of the earth, age of the universe? What type of creationist are you?

  • Aaron

    I honestly hate to say it … for many reasons, only a few of which are addressed in these posts… but I would have to say that I am indeed a YEC. Can’t see any other way around it.

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