The Inexplicable Will of God

It now then remains, that perhaps some one may ask, Why then does not God cease from that motion of His omnipotence, by which the will of the wicked is moved to go on in evil, and to become worse?  I answer: this is to wish that God, for the sake of the wicked, would cease to be God; for this you really desire, when you desire His power and action to cease; that is, that He should cease to be good, lest the wicked should become worse.

Again, it may be asked, Why does He not then change, in His motion, those evil wills which he moves?  This belongs to those secrets of Majesty, where “His judgments are past finding out.”  Nor is it ours to search into, but to adore these mysteries.  If “flesh and blood” here take offense and murmur, let it murmur, but it will be just where it was before.  God is not, on that account, changed! And if numbers of the wicked be offended and “go away,” yet, the elect shall remain!

The same answer will be given to those who ask, Why did He permit Adam to fall? And why did He make all of us to be infected with the same sin, when He might have kept him, and might have created us from some other seed, or might first have cleansed that, before He created us from it?

God is that Being, for whose will no cause or reason is to be assigned, as a rule or standard by which it acts;  seeing that, nothing is superior or equal to it, but it is itself the rule of all things.  For if it acted by any rule or standard, or from any cause or reason, it would be no longer the will of God.  Wherefore, that God wills, is not therefore right, because He ought or ever was bound so to will; but on the contrary, what takes place is therefore right, because He so wills.  A cause and reason are assigned for the will of the creature, but not for the will of the Creator; unless you set up, over Him, another Creator.

[The Bondage of the Will by Martin Luther; Section 88]

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