Twitter Tuesday: 4/19/2011

This was an eventful week! Fantastic time care of The Gospel Coalition and their national conference in Chicago.  Among the speakers were Tim Keller, pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC, Dr. Albert Mohler, who is the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Mark Driscoll, pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA.

The audio for all the plenary sessions are available here:

Below I have included some notes I tweeted during the conference sessions.  Be sure to take a look at all my notes on my twitter feed at

  • Without moralization one becomes a sociopath, except for the gospel. – Dr. @AlbertMohler #TGC11
  • “Moralism… tragically misinforms the congregation.” – Dr. @AlbertMohler #TGC11
  • “What makes you a Christian is a change of status.” -Tim Keller #TGC11
  • “You are not saved by the quality of your faith, but because of the object of your faith.” Tim Keller #tgc11 (via @BenTerry)
  • What it looks like to be Spirit-filled it to look like Jesus. — @PastorMark #TGC11
  • We cannot live in light of the power of the resurrection and lack fruitfulness. — @PastorMark #TGC11
  • “He wants this book taught more than you do… he actually wrote it!” — @PastorMark #TGC11
  • The Holy Spirit does not exist to give us a momentary high, but a life-long mission — @PastorMark #TGC11
  • [Paul] is constantly preaching the gospel to who? CHRISTIANS!! — @MattChandler74 #TGC11 @TGC
  • If you don’t approach the throne of grace with confidence you don’t understand the gospel. — @MattChandler74 #TGC11 @TGC
  • I still have to preach the gospel to myself. — @MattChandler74 #TGC11 @TGC
  • Make the gospel explicit; preach it week in and week out. — @MattChandler74 #TGC11 @TGC
  • MattC: “Holiness is impossible outside of the work of the Holy Spirit on the basis of the gospel alone.” #tgc11 (via @JonathanParnell)

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