Twitter Tuesday: 5/17/2011

Over the last month my life has changed rather significantly.  On April 22, 2011, Good Friday, we welcomed Tinsley Jeremiah Gardner to the world. It was quite a dramatic entrance as nearly 18 hours before his birth we were informed that he may not survive.  Our Sovereign Lord found it fitting that he should live.

Little Tinsley was diagnosed with achondroplasia, which in layman’s terms means he is perfectly normal, except that as an adult he will be no taller than a second grader.  The organization Little People of America (LPA) has already been amazingly helpful and supportive as have all our friends and family with visits, meals, and most importantly prayers.

Our son is already a reminder to us of God’s faithfulness.  On the day that we remembered the death of his Son, he gave a son to us.  Where others would reject him for his difference, we are excited to embrace him and raise him with the joy of any parent.

What follows is highlights from my Twitter feed over the past month.  You are sure to spot my paternal pride:

  • Tinsley Jeremiah was born this morning at 8:46. Mommy and baby are happy and healthy! #fb
  • Tinsely Jeremiah Gardner… 5lbs 15 oz
  • The Lord is Risen!!
  • I can’t say it enough… The Lord is Risen!!!
  • Day 1 at home: Mommy walks around the corner and is startled that there is something moving in the crib. #somethingtogetusedto
  • Thankful to the folks at @redeemindy who have provided us with prayer, support, and meals with the birth of our son, Tinsley.
  • Can’t be a proud father without going crazy with baby pictures
  • Most denominational differences are determined by one thing: that group’s view of Scripture.
  • Sin is the world’s problem; of that we are all guilty. #fb
  • The death of one man cannot ensure the security of the rest of the world. #BinLaden
  • Excellent comment today on my post “I Am Not a Christ-Follower; I’m a Christian”: #fb
  • Things don’t just happen.
  • True contentment means embracing the Lord’s will in every aspect of His providence simply because it is His providence. -Sinclair Ferguson
  • Good news for my parents: Toyota production goes back to 100% in June: #fb
  • The beauty of the Gospel is not only are we forgiven, but formerly children of wrath we are now children of God!
  • Trusting in Christ necessarily involves renouncing any trust in our own good works, whatever form they might take. -Jerry Bridges #fb
  • We must always keep focused on the gospel. –Jerry Bridges #fb

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