Baby Back Home!

Finally, after 16 days in the hospital, my son is home.  While we are still not sure what caused the initial episode, it is clear that he has a number of obstructions in his airway that require him to remain on oxygen.  Along with other treatments the goal is to keep him healthy so that he will eventually outgrow it. 

Airway construction is very common with people who have achondroplasia.  Many have to use a CPAP machine at night.  It is not clear if that will be the case for Tinsley, but we are confident that he will get better.

We appreciate your continued prayers and support as we now have to contend with noisy monitors, an oxygen cannula which just does not want to stay in his nose, and the limitations that such equipment and illnesses cause.

As for the blog I have been able to get a lot of reading done at the hospital.  Hopefully by brain is functioning well enough to share with you what I have been learning.


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2 responses to “Baby Back Home!

  • Boz

    how cute!

    i love baby pictures. We all get uglier and uglier over time. So make sure you get a lot of photos now! :p

  • Mark


    I’m thrilled beyond words to hear that your son is back home and is doing as well as can be expected. I’m also glad that you and Hidi are able to celebrate your son’s life despite the health problems that he is facing. I’m sure that as a new parent this all must be very hard, so my prayers are with you and your family!

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